About Us

We are a publishing team that blends our love of literature with consummate eBook editing skills, bringing to our Kindle and ePub customers the very best writers and their complete works, in the most affordable and attractive formats.

All of our eBooks have chronological contents tables, with works divided into literary genres, so you can quickly and easily find your desired text.  We have organised our titles in this way to allow readers to trace the exact development of a writer’s work.  Our eBooks are also beautifully illustrated with images of the writers, their lives and their work.  For example, images of birthplaces, photos from various periods of their lives and pictures of their final resting places are blended with the original illustrations that accompanied their novels. And what makes our eBooks even more impressive is the inclusion of special BONUS texts, giving our customers the richest eReading experience possible.



The Delphi Promise

We aim to provide the most comprehensive author collections available to our readers. Sadly, it’s not always possible to guarantee an absolutely ‘complete’ works, due to copyright restrictions or the scarcity of minor works or translations of non-English writers. However, we do ensure our customers that every possible major text and a wealth of other material are included. If you feel a significant text is missing from a collection, please contact us via this site and we will consider adding it to the eBook. We are dedicated to developing and enhancing our titles.

ePub is the standard eBook format for all eReaders, except for Amazon’s Kindle.  We have released all of our eBooks in ePUB format, which means customers with Kobo, Sony, Nook and all other eReaders can enjoy our catalogue of classic literature.  All ePub titles are DRM free.

Please note: ePub files will NOT work on the Kindle and Kindle files will NOT work on other eReaders.

Our entire catalogue is listed on Amazon, with all recent file versions immediately uploaded to the Amazon store.


Customer Feedback

“What I like best about Delphi Classics is that you give the authors and their books the respect they deserve.  You can tell they’re not hastily put together.  Consequently, you’re also giving respect to the readers who love these classic works.  And these collections of complete works are amazing bargains, an easy way for a reader to create a fabulous library almost instantly.”

Fred Burwell, a customer

“These are quite simply the best products out there. I love all of the beautiful illustrations, the countless bonus texts and the scholarly way that Delphi arrange their collections. I’ve had to delete so many other collections, to be replaced by Delphi eBooks. Well done, Delphi!”

John Khastin, a customer

“Thank you for all of your excellent eBooks! I can’t believe how low-cost they are, in return for such professional standards. Please keep me notified of your newest releases.”

Josie Wilmott, a customer

“Definitely the best Public Domain titles out there.  I’m especially impressed with the literary criticism and biographical bonus texts in your collections.  Outstanding value for money.”

Sean Rickson, a customer

“Delphi Classics is rapidly becoming the leading provider of Public Domain works.  Their collections are second to none and the ability to easily update new versions sets them apart from all their competitors.”

Agnes Smith, a reviewer

“I am very impressed by the high standards that Delphi Classics has. Delphi Classics seems to care very much about the authors that they publish. Delphi’s titles have a great sophistication about them. Delphi is the definitive eBook publisher. The pricing is very affordable and to have a wealth of wonderful literature at my fingertips for such a small price is fabulous. It is always a pleasure to read a Delphi eBook. Delphi has a potential to become one of the leading eBook publishers. I will keep spreading the word about Delphi. I hope that Delphi continues to provide the most complete and comprehensive collections of the best authors in the history of literature for generations to come. Keep me posted on your latest releases!”

Austin Pearce, a reviewer