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A. Merritt

Renowned for his fantastic fiction, the American novelist A. Merritt was a major influence on H. P. Lovecraft. He was one of the most popular genre writers of his time, revealing an inimitable talent for fantasy and science fiction writing.  Our upcoming eBook will feature Hammett’s complete works for the first time in publishing history.
Expected release: September 2020

Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres

The greatest of all Neoclassical painters, Ingres was profoundly influenced by past artistic traditions and aspired to become the guardian of academic orthodoxy against the ascendant Romantic style. His expressive distortions of form and space made him an important precursor of modern art, influencing Picasso and Matisse. Featuring Ingres’ complete works, our forthcoming release will offer a feast of treasures for all lovers of Neoclassical and Baroque art.
Expected release: September 2020

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