The Payment Process

Customers can purchase Kindle and ePub (Nook, iBookstore and Kobo) eBooks directly from us and save on special offers and discounts, as well as purchase FREE eBooks.  Simply register an account, add items to your shopping cart and then checkout. To make life easier, you can even register using your favourite social network’s login details or your Amazon account. When payment is complete you can download your purchases from the ‘My Account’ section. We accept credit and debit cards direct on our website checkout page (SSL certificate protected) and PayPal is also available as an alternative means of payment; you can make a one time payment through PayPal with your credit card without registering an account. (Simply select the option to ‘buy as a guest’ when you go through the checkout process.)


Please note: ePub files are specially designed to work on the Nook, iBookstore, Kobo, Sony Reader and all other other non-Kindle eReaders. Please ensure you purchase the correct format for your eReader.

If you have a special discount code, then simply type the word in the Coupon Code box when viewing the shopping cart.  Make sure you click Apply Coupon and then the offer will be applied to the items in your cart. Please check our main menu slider image bar for our latest special offers!

Try Our eBooks for FREE

Not sure if you’re able to use our eBooks on your device?  Why don’t you download some of our FREE eBooks to see how easy the process is…


Download instructions:

  • You can access your downloads from the My Account section.
  • Please click on the relevant links, remember where you save each download to, and wait for the downloads to complete.
  • Then connect your eReader to your PC with the USB cable that came with it.

Kindle customers

Kindle eBooks are either .prc or .mobi. Both formats are essentially the same and can only be used on Kindle devices.

To Wirelessly Send your Kindle Files to your Kindle Devices or Cloud Library…

  • By far the best way to deliver your eBooks wirelessly to your Kindle is to use Amazon’s Send to Kindle program – please visit our help page for a concise explanation!
  • Please note: large files (50mb+) like our Dickens eBook cannot be sent in this way.

To Manually Copy your Kindle Files on to your Kindle…

  • On your PC, go to My Computer, open the drive ‘Kindle’ and open the folder Documents. Copy and paste your downloaded files into this folder.
  • Your eBooks will now appear on the Kindle home screen!
  • iPhone and iPad users can download their eBooks easily – please read this link.
  • Please see our Guidance notes on Amazon’s excellent Send to Kindle software – by far the best way to deliver your Kindle eBooks wirelessly to your eReading device

Nook customers

  • Go to My Computer, open the drive ‘NOOK’, open the folder My Files and then the folder called Books.  Copy and paste your downloaded files into this folder.

Kobo customers

  • On your PC, go to My Computer, open the drive ‘KOBOeReader’ and then copy and paste your downloaded files into this folder.
  • Kobo Aura One owners should copy and paste their eBooks to the Digital Editions folder.

Sony Reader customers

  • On your PC, go to the My Account section and click on an eBook you have purchased under the heading My Downloads.
  • Select the option to ‘Open with the Reader Library’, which will allow you to download and open your eBook with the recommended Sony software.
  • Now you can transfer your eBook to your Sony Reader using the normal process.

Apple iBookstore customers

  • Go to the My Account section on your iPad/iPhone and click on the eBook you wish to download from your list of purchases.
  • Wait for the file to download – this may take a while, depending on file size and your Internet connection speed.
  • A new screen will appear with the option “Open in ‘iBook'” in the top right corner; click on this and the eBook will load up on to your iBooks app.