How to Download Audiobooks

Downloading Audiobooks…

We now have over 50 audiobooks for sale in our store, with many more exciting classic titles coming soon. Your purchased Audiobooks can be accessed from the My Downloads section. You will need to use your computer to download the ZIP archive (this is a compressed folder allowing you to download many files in one transfer). Most computers can extract the ZIP archive by double clicking on the downloaded file. Inside the folder you will find the MP3 files, a digital booklet (in PDF format) and a license agreement document. Please note: audiobooks are often very large files and you will need a strong internet connection and enough space to store them on your devices. Please ensure you have enough storage before transferring your downloads.
Now, you can listen to the Audiobook on your computer or transfer the files to your portable music player (e.g. iPod, smartphone, tablet etc). The downloads are encoded as separate MP3s for each chapter/section, and in such a way that they will pick up where they were stopped when last played on an iPod or in iTunes. Many other MP3 players also support this feature. Download this free sample file to check the compatibility of your player. Media Players
Naxos Audiobooks Logo We know that you are going to love the Audiobooks for sale in our store… These recordings employ a higher bit-rate than used by other audiobook providers to ensure the best possible audio quality, whilst keeping the file size reasonably small. All the downloads are individually custom encoded from the original digital masters using the latest high quality algorithms. The audio quality is excellent and you can test each title for free now! Please sample the extracts provided for each book on its product page. From Oscar winners to famous actors, professional readers to respected theatre performers, the Naxos readers deliver entertaining and truly inspiring renditions of literature’s greatest works.

If you are an Apple device user that does not want to use a computer, you can download the zip file directly to your iPad, iPhone etc. Select the desired download link in Your Downloads and you will be taken to a screen similar to Ex. 1 below. Select to Open in “Files”, then you can select where to save the zip folder on your Apple device (e.g. save it in Pages as shown in Ex. 2 below. Now you can access the zip file where you have saved it and play the audiobook (Preview Content) as seen in Ex. 3. We recommend using an audiobook player app (e.g. Bookplayer) to play the imported file – there are many free options to choose from in the Apple App Store.

Available Audiobooks: