Sons and Lovers (unabridged)

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Sons and Lovers, Lawrence’s third published novel, was written by the author at the height of his literary powers. The story of class differences (the relationship between a middle-class woman and a miner) in the tough world of coal mining brought a refreshing realism to literature. It remains a challenging text and is studied widely. It is particularly effective on audiobook in the hands of Nottinghamshire reader Paul Slack.

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Author: D. H. Lawrence
Read by: Paul Slack
Audiobook Type: unabridged
Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks
Running time (hh:mm:ss): 16?h 33?m
Download size: 246 MB
ISBN: 9789626348918

About the Reader

Paul Slack

Paul Slack originally trained as a bricklayer in his native Nottinghamshire. He has just completed work on the feature film Lecture 21 written and directed by Alessandro Barecco. Paul has worked extensively in theatre most notably in the West End, at the West Yorkshire Playhouse, Bristol Old Vic, English Touring Theatre, the RSC and the Hammersmith Lyric. He is a regular contributor to radio drama. He plays guitar and hangs around Irish bars making a noise with his traditional Irish drum (Bodhrain).

Reviews for this Audiobook:

This highly autobiographical novel of life in a Nottinghamshire mining family is told from the viewpoint of Paul Morel, it is his anguished relationships ? with his mother, his father, and two women ? that dominate the story. The powerful imagery and language are done justice by this superb narration. Slack voices each character in a wonderfully natural way, with excellent dialects, and when he reads the descriptions of the landscapes he is able to paint an exquisite picture for the listener. He reads with pathos and great emotion, with rage and with passion; it is difficult to imagine a better rendition. This will delight both listeners who are new to the novel and those who have read the book. It is a rare treat to find writer and reader so perfectly matched.

Slack?s reading of Lawrence?s classic novel portrays, with clarity, the class differences between Walter Morel and his wife, Gertrude, in the ?tough world of coal mining.? Gertrude?s middle-class background and her husband?s working-class origins are clearly indicated in Slack?s varied accents and tones. But it is the mother?s relationship with her children, especially William, the eldest, and Paul, after William?s death, that is most lyrically and elegiacally relayed. Slack?s rendering of Paul?s obsessions and preoccupations is sympathetically handled. Gertrude?s aloofness is icily portrayed. Walter, despite his drunkenness and coarseness, seems far more sympathetic in audio. Paul?s relationship with Miriam Leivers is pivotal, and the tensions that their relationship causes between Gertrude and her favorite son are central to the story. Slack underscores her maternal jealousy, showing it in sharp contrast to Gertrude?s cold manner with her husband. Lawrence?s central themes are heightened through the marvelous British-laced reading.
Mary McCay, Booklist

D.H. Lawrence?s Sons and Lovers read by Paul Slack. Paul Slack reads with pathos and great emotion, with rage and with passion; it is difficult to imagine a better rendition.
Sue Rosenzweig,