Medieval Library

We are pleased to present our new series of medieval texts, providing eReaders with prominent works of history, biography, religion, philosophy and poetry from the Middle Ages, complemented with the original texts.  These beautifully designed eBooks will be invaluable resources for scholars, while offering priceless treasures for the general reader.

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Forthcoming titles in the new series:

Ælfric of Eynsham
Alcuin of York
Anna Komnene
Benedict of Nursia
Catherine of Siena
Chrétien de Troyes
Christine de Pizan
The Gawain Poet
Geoffrey of Villehardouin
Gerald of Wales
Gesta Stephani
Gregory of Tours
Historia Brittonum
Jean de Joinville
Jean Froissart
John of Worcester
John Tzetzes
Jordan Catala
Kebra Nagast
Matthew Paris
Peter Abelard
Piers Langtoft
Roger of Howden
Roger of Wendover
Walter Map
William of Malmesbury
William of Newburgh
William of Ockham


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