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We have teamed up with Naxos Audiobooks to offer our customers an exciting range of high-quality recordings. We have over 50 titles for sale and many more will be added in the following months. All available titles are listed below.

Special Audiobooks Promotion

To celebrate the release of these titles in our store, we have a special introductory promotion of 25% off all Audiobooks, with coupon LISTEN (offer expires Midnight GMT 11th Feb).

Why Audiobooks?

  • Audiobooks are an engaging way of enjoying classic literature.
  • Rediscover the magic of old favourites, without having to read them again!
  • Students can analyse and appreciate classic works with the aid of a professional reader.
  • Audiobooks make long car/commuter journeys a breeze!
  • The Naxos readers are incredibly entertaining… from Oscar winners to television stars, their remarkable powers of vocal characterisation give new magic to old texts.
  • Lastly, you can finally get around to finishing those tougher reads that somehow got away…
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Free Samples

Each audiobook features a free sample on its product page. Here are a few samples for you to try now…

David Copperfield:
The Portrait of a Lady:
Sense and Sensibility:
The Trial:

How do I download my Audiobooks?

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Available Audiobooks: