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We have teamed up with Naxos Audiobooks to offer our customers an exciting range of high-quality recordings. We have over 50 titles for sale and many more will be added in the following months. All available titles are listed below.

Why Audiobooks?

Delphi Audiobooks
  • Audiobooks are an engaging way of enjoying classic literature.
  • Rediscover the magic of old favourites, without having to read them again!
  • Students can a
    nalyse and appreciate classic works with the aid of a professional reader.
  • Audiobooks make long car/commuter journeys a breeze!
  • The Naxos readers are incredibly entertaining… from Oscar winners to television stars, their remarkable powers of vocal characterisation give new magic to old texts.
  • Lastly, you can finally get around to finishing those tougher reads that somehow got away…

Free Samples

Each audiobook features a free sample on its product page. Here are a few samples for you to try now…

David Copperfield:
The Portrait of a Lady:
Sense and Sensibility:
The Trial:

How do I download my Audiobooks?

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Available Audiobooks: