Heart of Darkness (unabridged)

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“‘?he seemed to stare? with that wide and immense stare embracing, condemning, loathing all the universe. I seemed to hear the whispered cry, “The horror! The horror!”‘” On a becalmed yawl in the Thames estuary, Marlow tells a tale of Africa. His job there is to find the enigmatic Kurtz, but his journey farther and farther upriver reveals the brutality of the white Imperialists who run the country. Established as one of the great English novels, and a story of mythic power, Heart of Darkness is rich in meaning – allusive, enthralling and haunting.

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Author: Joseph Conrad
Read by: David Horovitch
Audiobook Type: unabridged
Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks
Running time (hh:mm:ss): 04:38:46
Download size: 68 MB
ISBN: 9789629549411

About the Reader

David Horovitch

David Horovitch has had a long and distinguished career. His appearances in the theatre include many in the West End, the National Theatre and the RSC. Most recently he has appeared in Mike Leigh?s Grief at the National Theatre. On television he is best remembered for his performance as Inspector Slack in Miss Marple and his films include Max and the Oscar nominated Solomon and Gaenor. For Naxos his readings include The Leopard, The Good Soldier ?vejk and Alice in Wonderland.

Reviews for this Audiobook:

Born in the Ukraine and writing in his adopted language, English, Conrad has fashioned a story of immense power. Heart of Darkness, on the simplest level, is the recounting of a journey up the Congo River by Charles Marlow, captain of a Belgian trading company ferryboat. He tells his story to four colleagues as they rest aboard a ship on the Thames Estuary.
Marlow is tasked with locating a man named Kurtz, a man of innumerable talents and a local legend. The journey up the Congo is a physical journey. It is the journey of a mind. It is the journey of a society. It is ultimately the journey of a soul.
At a time when the United States is grappling with its place as the last remaining super power, Heart of Darkness is a beacon warning of the darker consequences of human endeavor.
Distinguished British stage (on the West End in London as well as with the Royal Shakespeare Company), television (Poirot), and film (his latest is 102 Dalmations) actor David Horovitch reads Heart of Darkness with the gravitas the work requires. He captures Marlowe's emotional connection to Kurtz's experience.
Like Marlowe, once you've listened to Heart of Darkness, you'll need time to grapple with Kurtz's epiphany.
Joseph DiMercurio, Soundcommentary.com