The Great Poets – Matthew Arnold

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Considered the bridge between romanticism and modernism, Matthew Arnold wrote verse that is simple, unadorned and straightforward. From the hypnotic and beautiful lines of Dover Beach to the pastoral narrative of The Scholar Gipsy, Arnold cast a gaze at the main intellectual issues of the nineteenth century while giving a timeless insight into man and nature. This collection covers his major poetic works, including the narrative poems, sonnets and elegiac poems, illuminating the lyricism and serenity of Arnold’s best poetry.

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Author: Matthew Arnold
Read by: Jonathan Keeble
Audiobook Type: selections
Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks
Running time (hh:mm:ss): 01:18:28
Download size: 32 MB
ISBN: 9781781980576

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Jonathan Keeble

Jonathan Keeble's theatre work includes leading roles at Manchester's Royal Exchange, Coventry, Liverpool, Exeter, Lancaster and West Yorkshire Playhouse. TV includes People Like Us, The Two of Us and Deptford Graffiti. Jonathan has featured in over 250 radio plays for the BBC and was a member of the Radio Drama Company. For Naxos AudioBooks he has recorded Black Beauty, Classic Chilling Tales, Macbeth, Oedipus the King and Krapp's Last Tape.

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Matthew Arnold?s poetry is not widely read today, except for Dover Beach and perhaps The Scholar Gipsy, but this selection shows the strengths that made him popular in the nineteenth century. Jonathan Keeble?s readings are romantic, as the poems are, and they show the result of careful thought. Arnold?s writerly craft and ideas come through. Keeble reads the antique diction and Romantic ideals as they might have been first heard, even if those qualities are no longer in fashion. The contemporary audience for Arnold?s poetry is probably rather specialised, but these texts helped shape later poems and thinking about poems. Keeble gives us a more than worthy introduction to an important mid-Victorian artist. D.M.H., AudioFile