Tender is the Night (unabridged)

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It is 1925, and Richard Diver is the high priest of the good life on the white sands of the French Riviera. The Beautiful People – film stars, socialites, aristocrats – gather eagerly and bitchily around him and his wife Nicole. Beneath the breathtaking glamour, however, is a world of pain, and there is at the core of their lives a brittle hollowness. Beautiful, powerful and tragic, Tender is the Night is one of the great works of American fiction.

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Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald
Read by: Trevor White
Audiobook Type: unabridged
Publisher: Naxos Audiobooks
Running time (hh:mm:ss): 11?h 36?m
Download size: 170 MB
ISBN: 9789626344576

About the Reader

Trevor White

Trevor White's film and television credits include Genova, Moonshot, Die Another Day, House of Saddam, Bonekickers, The Path to 9/11, Judge John Deed, and The Line of Beauty. His voice work in audiobooks and for BBC Radio include A Million Little Pieces, Revolutionary Road, Azincourt, Bright Shiny Morning, The Great Gatsby and Catch-22, for which he was nominated for an Audible Audiobook Award. He has also played Tullus Aufidius in Coriolanus for the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Reviews for this Audiobook:

On the 1920s Riviera the rich and hedonistic disport themselves, drawn by the brilliance and promise of Dr Dick Diver and his fragile wife, Nicole. No one is more infatuated than Rosemary, the beautiful young starlet who will become the main force in Dick?s eventual destruction. There?s a timelessness about the vacuity of this soulless set that makes the whole dismal story a powerful fable for our times, made totally convincing by the finely nuanced narration.
Rachel Redford, The Observer

F. Scott Fitzgerald?s 1934 Tender is the Night was his last and most painfully conceived novel. Based on personal experience (the schizophrenia of his wife, Zelda, his affair with a Hollywood actress and the time they spent in Paris, Switzerland and on the Cote d?Azur), it is a sad but hauntingly beautiful exploration of the way in which a needy person leaches the spirit out of a strong one. Dick and his wife Nicole seem to be the most glamorous of couples, but gradually the tragic secrets of their past emerge. Trevor White reads with subtly shifting pace and complete command.
Christina Hardyment, The Times