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A pivotal figure of late nineteenth century theatre, the Swedish playwright, novelist and essayist August Strindberg produced over sixty plays and more than thirty works of fiction, often drawing directly on his personal experience. A bold experimenter of literary forms, he explored a wide range of dramatic methods and purposes, from naturalistic tragedy, monodrama and history plays, to expressionist and surrealist works. This comprehensive eBook presents Strindberg’s collected works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts appearing for the first time digital print, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1)

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* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Strindberg’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the major plays and other texts
* 12 plays, with individual contents tables
* Features rare plays appearing for the first time in digital publishing, including ‘Mother Love’ and ‘The Saga of the Folkungs’
* Early twentieth century translations by Warner Oland, Claud Field, Ellie Schleussner and more (too many to list in this description; each translator’s name appears at the beginning of each work)
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* 6 novels by Strindberg
* A wide selection of short story collections
* Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the short stories
* Easily locate the short stories you want to read
* Selection of Strindberg’s non-fiction
* Special criticism section, with 4 essays evaluating Strindberg’s contribution to literature
* Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres

Please note: Edwin Björkman’s translations cannot appear in Europe until 2022, due to copyright restrictions. When new translations enter the public domain they will be added to the eBook as a free update.


The Plays
The Outlaw
Lucky Pehr
The Father
Miss Julie
The Stronger
Facing Death
Mother Love
Erik XIV
The Saga of the Folkungs

The Novels
The Red Room
The Son of a Servant
The Confession of a Fool
On the Seaboard
The Inferno
The Growth of a Soul

The Short Story Collections
Historical Miniatures
Fair Haven and Foul Strand
The German Lieutenant and Other Stories
In Midsummer Days and Other Tales

The Short Stories
List of Short Stories in Chronological Order
List of Short Stories in Alphabetical Order

Zones of the Spirit
Legends: Autobiographical Sketches

The Criticism
August Strindberg by James Huneker
The Eccentricity of August Strindberg by Otto Heller
August Strindberg by Horace Barnett Samuel
The Madness of Strindberg by Robert Lynd