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Dinah Craik

The English novelist Dinah Craik is best remembered for her novel ‘John Halifax, Gentleman’, which presents the mid-Victorian ideals of English middle-class life. Our upcoming eBook will feature Craik’s complete works for the first time in publishing history.
Expected release: December 2020

Nicolas Poussin

The leading painter of the classical French Baroque style, Nicolas Poussin was celebrated for his finely structured religious and mythological paintings, tailored for a small group of Italian and French collectors. He went on to serve as First Painter to the King under Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu, though in later years his work gave prominence to landscapes, which would later inspire the Romantics. Featuring Poussin’s complete paintings, our forthcoming release will offer a feast of treasures for all lovers of Baroque art.
Expected release: February 2022

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