Series Seven


We are pleased to announce the provisional list of 26 more authors to be released over the coming months of 2016-17 in our new main series:

Adam Smith
Benjamin Disraeli
David Hume
E. M. Delafield
E. Phillips Oppenheim
Edmund Burke
Ernest Hemingway*
Frances Trollope
Galileo Galilei
Guy Boothby
Hans Christian Andersen
Ian Fleming*
Immanuel Kant
Karl Marx
Kenneth Grahame
Lytton Strachey
Mary Wollstonecraft
Michel de Montaigne
René Descartes
Richard Marsh
Sax Rohmer
Sir Richard Burton
Talbot Mundy
Thomas Babington Macaulay
W. W. Jacobs

*only available in 50 year countries (e.g. Canada, Australia, New Zealand etc.)

Thank you to all our readers that have submitted authors’ names over the previous months.

Future Series…

Whom would you like to see in an upcoming series?  Contact us and let us know!  Please note: we can only offer collections of writers who passed away at least 70 years ago (in most circumstances), due to copyright restrictions.

7 thoughts on “Series Seven

  1. The works of Thomas Paine would make a fine companion to the works of Edmund Burke.

  2. I would like to suggest Thomas Henry Huxley and Alfred Russel Wallace for future publication by Delphi. Both of them were giants of science but also formidable writers. One could make the case that Huxley is one of the finest writers ever in English. Thanks!

  3. Very happy to see E. Phillips Oppenheim! Looking forward to this one!

  4. For future Delphi Series I would like to suggest the works of the following writers: Sir Thomas Browne, Robert Burton, Izaak Walton, John Lily, Francis Bacon, Thomas Hobbes; Charles Lamb, John Henry Newman, John Stuart Mill, Walter Horatio Pater.

  5. Andersen! Great! More european tales to come? What about the brothers Grimm?!

  6. The novels of Charles Hamilton Aide would be a joy to read. Also COMPLETE works of M.E. Braddon and Ellen Wood would be a perfect addition.

  7. T. E ]Lawrence (“Lawrence of Arabia”) seems an obvious choice, with some of the earlier biographies of him included in your complete works. He died in 1937.

    What about James Elroy Flecker? A lot of people must remember the poetry and the two plays.

    John Kendrick Bangs was a very popular American satirist and fantasy author, who died in 1922. The Pursuit of the Houseboat is still great fun to read. Nearly all his books are available from Project Gutenberg, but a lot of your readers would surely prefer to get them all in a single Complete Works download.

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