Series Thirteen



We’re delighted to confirm the list of 26 authors to be released over 2022-2023 in our new main series:

Arthur Ransome*
Benjamin Franklin
Charles Williams
Denis Diderot
Dorothy Richardson
E. R. Eddison
Ellen Glasgow
Enid Blyton*
Eugene O’Neill
Francis Stevens
Friedrich Engels
George Borrow
George Sand
J. D. Beresford
Jack Kerouac*
John Ford
Josephine Tey
Mary Rinehart
Otis Adelbert Kline
P. C. Wren
Romance of the Three Kingdoms
T. E. Lawrence
Thorne Smith
Upton Sinclair*
Victorian Explorers and Travellers
Winston Churchill (British statesman)*
Winston Churchill (US novelist)

*only available in 50 year countries (e.g. Canada, New Zealand etc.)

We would like to give a special thank you to all our readers that have submitted authors’ names over the previous months.

Future Series…

Whom would you like to see in an upcoming series? Contact us and let us know… Please note: we can only offer collections of writers who died at least 70 years ago (in most circumstances), due to copyright restrictions.