Confucius – Famous Authors Video

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Confucius was not exactly an author in the way that other writers in the Famous Authors series are. His ideas however, expressed in his Analects (reported sayings), have been the backbone of the Chinese psyche ever since he uttered them. He was very concerned that people should read history and poetry with the result that the Chinese for most of their existence have been the most literate society on earth.(In spite of their script being so hard to learn!) The well read man has always been considered at the pinnacle of society. This film tells what is known of his life and gives an introduction to his ideas and his importance in Chinese life. It is followed by an overview with leads to books he had a hand in or that will help to understand him.

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Video Details:

Author: Confucius
Publisher: Academy Media
Narrator: Malcolm Hossick
Running time: 35 min
Download size: 560 MB