Egon Schiele

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In spite of his death to Spanish Flu at the age of 28, Egon Schiele would become one of the leading figures of Austrian Expressionism and a spokesman for a generation of ambitious artists in the years to come. His extraordinary artworks are characterised by their intensity, raw sexuality and controversial tone. Unlike his great mentor Gustav Klimt, Schiele emphasised expression over decoration, heightening the emotive power of line with agitated tension. The centre of his artistic interest was the contemplation of his own existence, as demonstrated by his countless self portraits. These searing, psychologically complex images explore the human figure at its most expressive. Delphi’s Masters of Art Series presents the world’s first digital e-Art books, allowing readers to explore the works of great artists in comprehensive detail. This volume presents Schiele’s complete works, with concise introductions, hundreds of high quality images and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1)

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* The complete paintings of Egon Schiele – over 480 images, fully indexed and arranged in chronological and alphabetical order
* Includes reproductions of rare works
* Features a special ‘Highlights’ section, with concise introductions to the masterpieces, giving valuable contextual information
* Enlarged ‘Detail’ images, allowing you to explore Schiele’s celebrated works in detail, as featured in traditional art books
* Hundreds of images in colour – highly recommended for viewing on tablets and smartphones or as a valuable reference tool on more conventional eReaders
* Special chronological and alphabetical contents tables for the artworks
* Easily locate the artworks you wish to view


The Highlights
Self Portrait (1906)
Trieste Harbour (1907)
Gerti Schiele (1909)
Standing Nude Girl (1910)
The Prophets (1911)
Two Young Girls (1911)
The Artist’s Room in Neulengbach (1911)
Self Portrait with Chinese Lantern Plant (1912)
Self Portrait as a Prisoner (1912)
Heinrich Benesch and His Son Otto (1913)
Fighter (1913)
Reclining Woman with Legs Apart (1914)
Portrait of the Artist’s Wife (1916)
Death and the Maiden (c. 1916)
View of Krumau (1916)
Embrace II (1917)
The Family (1918)

The Artworks
The Complete Works
Alphabetical List of Artworks

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