Emanuel Swedenborg

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Emanuel Swedenborg, an eighteenth century Christian mystic, philosopher and theologian, had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. At the age of 53, he entered into a spiritual phase in which he began to experience dreams and visions, culminating in a “spiritual awakening” in which he received a revelation that Christ had appointed him to reform Christianity. Swedenborg devoted his enormous energy to interpreting the Bible and to relating what he had seen and heard in the world of spirits and angels. His ‘Arcana Cœlestia’ and ‘Apocalypse Revealed’ provide thought-provoking commentaries on the internal spiritual meaning of Genesis, Exodus and the Book of Revelation, while his famous ‘Heaven and Hell’ gives a mesmerising account of the afterlife and how people live after the death of the physical body. This comprehensive eBook presents Swedenborg’s collected works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1)


Look inside eBook...
Look inside eBook...


* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Swedenborg’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the major texts
* All of the major theological treaties, with individual contents tables
* Features rare texts appearing for the first time in digital publishing
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Rare translation of the author’s enigmatic ‘Journal of Dreams’, discovered many years after his death
* Features three biographies, including Benjamin Worcester’s seminal study – discover Swedenborg’s incredible life
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and genres


The Books
Arcana Cœlestia (1749-1756)
Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell (1758)
The Last Judgment (1758)
The White Horse (1758)
Earths in the Universe (1758)
The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Doctrine (1758)
The Athanasian Creed (1759)
De Domino (1760)
Prophets and Psalms (1761)
The Word of the Lord from Experience (1762)
Last Judgment Posthumous (1762)
The Doctrine of the New Jerusalem Concerning the Lord (1763)
Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture (1763)
Doctrine of Life (1763)
Doctrine of Faith (1763)
Continuation of The Last Judgement (1763)
Angelic Wisdom Concerning the Divine Love and the Divine Wisdom (1763)
Divine Providence (1764)
Charity (1766)
Apocalypse Revealed (1766)
The Delights of Wisdom Pertaining to Conjugal Love (1768)
God the Saviour (1768)
Canons (1769)
Brief Exposition (1769)
Interaction of the Soul and the Body (1769)
Coronis (1771)
Invitation to the New Church (1771)
True Christian Religion (1771)
Journal of Dreams (1859)
The Gist of Swedenborg (1920)

The Biographies
Emanuel Swedenborg, Servus Domini (1904) by John Bigelow
Swedenborg: Harbinger of the New Age of the Christian Church (1910) by Benjamin Worcester
Emanuel Swedenborg (1911) by Alexander James Grieve

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