Philip Massinger

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The English Jacobean and Caroline playwright, Philip Massinger was celebrated for his comedic genius, finely plotted plays, social realism and incisive satire. Following the death of Shakespeare in 1616 and Fletcher in 1625, Massinger became the leading playwright of the King’s Men’s. His most popular and influential play, ‘A New Way to Pay Old Debts’ expresses a timeless indignation at economic oppression and social disorder, while ‘The City Madam’ deals with similar evils, combining naturalistic and symbolic modes. For the first time in publishing history, this eBook presents Massinger’s complete works, with numerous illustrations, rare plays and poetry, concise introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1)


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* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Massinger’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the major works
* All 38 plays, with individual contents tables
* Features many rare plays appearing for the first time in digital publishing
* Includes Nicholas Rowe’s ‘The Fair Penitent’, the 1632 adaptation of Massinger’s ‘The Fatal Dowry’
* Excellent formatting of the plays
* Useful Glossary of Jacobean Language
* Massinger’s rare poetry, available in no other collection
* Easily locate the poems and scenes you want to read
* Features two biographies, including Cruickshank’s seminal study – explore Massinger’s intriguing life
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and genres


The Solo Plays
The Maid of Honour (c. 1621)
The Duke of Milan (c. 1621)
The Unnatural Combat (c. 1621)
The Bondman (1623)
The Renegado (1624)
The Parliament of Love (1624)
A New Way to Pay Old Debts (1625)
The Roman Actor (1626)
The Great Duke of Florence (1627)
The Picture (1629)
The Emperor of the East (1631)
Believe as You List (c. 1631)
The City Madam (1632)
The Guardian (1633)
The Bashful Lover (1636)

Collaborations with John Fletcher
Sir John van Olden Barnavelt (1619)
The Little French Lawyer (c. 1619)
A Very Woman (c. 1620)
The Custom of the Country (c. 1620)
The Double Marriage (c. 1620)
The False One (c. 1620)
The Prophetess (1622)
The Sea Voyage (1622)
The Spanish Curate (1622)
The Lovers’ Progress; or, The Wandering Lovers (1623)
The Elder Brother (c. 1625)

Collaborations with John Fletcher and Francis Beaumont
Thierry and Theodoret (c. 1607)
The Coxcomb (1608)
Beggars’ Bush (c. 1612)
Love’s Cure (c. 1612)

Collaborations with John Fletcher and Nathan Field
The Honest Man’s Fortune (1613)
The Queen of Corinth (c. 1616)
The Knight of Malta (c. 1619)

Collaboration with Nathan Field
The Fatal Dowry (c. 1619)
The Fair Penitent (1632) by Nicholas Rowe

Collaboration with John Fletcher, John Ford, and William Rowley/John Webster
The Fair Maid of the Inn (1626)

Collaboration with John Fletcher, Ben Jonson and George Chapman
Rollo Duke of Normandy, or The Bloody Brother (c. 1616)

Collaboration with Thomas Dekker
The Virgin Martyr (1620)

Collaboration with Thomas Middleton and William Rowley
The Old Law (c. 1615)

The Poetry
Miscellaneous Poems

The Biographies
Life of Massinger (1830)
Philip Massinger (1920) by Alfred Hamilton Cruickshank

Glossary of Jacobean Language

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