R. S. Surtees – Parts Edition

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This is the Parts Edition of this Main Series author. A Parts Edition features the same contents of the single ePub file, but with all the novels, plays and other works divided into separate eBooks.

As well as the individual Parts, you will also receive a download link for the original single file version.

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1. Handley Cross
2. Hillingdon Hall
3. Hawbuck Grange
4. Mr Sponge’s Sporting Tour
5. Ask Mamma
6. Plain or Ringlets
7. Mr Facey Romford’s Hounds
8. Young Tom Hall’s Heart-aches and Horses
9. Jorrocks’ Jaunts and Jollities
10. Mr. Jorrocks
11. The Horseman’s Manual
12. Hints to Railway Travellers
13. Nimrod
14. Fox-Hunting
15. Fox-Hunting in Past and Present Times
16. Thoughts on Fortune-Hunting
17. Brief Biography: R. S. Surtees by Thomas Seccombe