Saxo Grammaticus

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Saxo Grammaticus was a twelfth century historian, who composed a heroic history of Denmark, known under its Latin title ‘Gesta Danorum’ (Deeds of the Danes). The first eight books deal with mythical elements such as giants and the Scandinavian pantheon of gods. It tells of Dan the first king of Denmark and his brother Angul, who would give his name to the Angles. Saxo also provides the earliest known source for the revenge story of Amleth, which would later influence Shakespeare’s Hamlet. ‘Gesta Danorum’ remains an incredibly important work of European literature, providing an essential source for Denmark’s early history. Delphi’s Medieval Library provides eReaders with rare and precious works of the Middle Ages, with noted English translations and the original texts. This eBook presents the first nine books of Saxo’s history, as well as the complete Latin text, with illustrations, an informative introduction and the usual Delphi bonus material. (Version 1

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Please note: Oliver Elton only translated Books I-IX of ‘Gesta Danorum’; there are no translations of the later books in the public domain. When new texts become available, they will be added to the eBook as a free update.

* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Saxo’s life and works
* Feature’s Oliver Elton’s 1905 translation
* Features the complete original Latin text of ‘Gesta Danorum’
* Concise introduction to the text
* Excellent formatting
* Easily locate the sections you want to read with individual contents tables
* Features a bonus biography — discover Saxo’s medieval world


The Translation
Gesta Danorum (Books I-IX)

The Original Text
Contents of the Latin Text

The Biography
Introduction to Saxo Grammaticus (1905) by Oliver Elton


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