The Mabinogion

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‘The Mabinogion’ is a collection of tales that comprise the earliest British prose stories, which were compiled in Middle Welsh in the 12th to 13th centuries from earlier oral traditions. Based on mythology, folklore and heroic legends of King Arthur and his knights, the tales provide intriguing examples of the transmission of Celtic, Norman and French traditions in early romance. The finest of the tales are the four related stories known as the ‘Four Branches of the Mabinogi’, featuring stories of widely different types, offering drama, philosophy, romance, tragedy, fantasy and humour. This comprehensive eBook presents the complete translation of ‘The Mabinogion’, with illustrations, footnotes and informative introductions. (Version 1)


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* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to ‘The Mabinogion’
* Concise introductions to each tale
* Includes Charlotte Guest’s seminal translation, with Owen M. Edwards’ 1902 amended text and informative hyperlinked footnotes
* Also includes Guest’s original detailed notes
* Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Fully illustrated with the 1877 edition’s original artwork


The Mabinogion
Introduction by Charlotte Guest (1877)

Three Welsh Romances
Owain, or the Lady of the Fountain
Peredur, the Son of Efrawg
Geraint and Enid

Four Branches of the Mabinogi
Pwyll, Prince of Dyfed
Branwen, Daughter of Llyr
Manawydan, Son of Llyr
Math, Son of Mathonwy

Five Welsh Legends
The Dream of Macsen Wledig
Lludd and Llefelys
Culhwch and Olwen
The Dream of Rhonabwy
The Tale of Taliesin

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