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A highly popular British author of stories, poems and educational books for children, Enid Blyton produced numerous series that have remained worldwide bestsellers since the 1930s. Her works largely consist of mystery or adventure stories, as well as tales that take place in schools and the circus. Her ‘Famous Five’, ‘Secret Seven’, ‘Five Find-Outers’ and ‘Malory Towers’ are enduring classics of children’s literature. They feature clearly delineated good and bad characters, while constructing exciting plots that illustrate traditional moral lessons. Blyton’s vocabulary and prose style are simple and highly accessible for beginning readers. This eBook presents the largest collection of Blyton’s work ever compiled in a single edition, with numerous illustrations, rare texts and informative introductions. (Version 1)

Please note: this product is only for sale to customers currently located in Canada, China, New Zealand, South Africa, The Philippines and Japan due to copyright restrictions. European release year: 2039; estimated American year: 2064.

Look inside eBook...
Look inside eBook...


* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Blyton’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the major texts
* All of the major novels, with individual contents tables
* The complete ‘Famous Five’, ‘Secret Seven’, ‘Five Find-Outers’ and ‘Malory Towers’ books
* Rare ‘Secret Seven’ short stories, digitised here for the first time
* Wishing-Chair and Amelia Jane Stories available in no other collection
* Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Famous works are fully illustrated with their original artwork (when the illustrator’s work is no longer held in copyright)
* Blyton’s poetry collection
* Features the fully-illustrated autobiography – available here for the first time in digital publishing
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and series


The Famous Five Books
Five on a Treasure Island (1942)
Five Go Adventuring Again (1943)
Five Run Away Together (1944)
Five Go to Smuggler’s Top (1945)
Five Go Off in a Caravan (1946)
Five on Kirrin Island Again (1947)
Five Go Off to Camp (1948)
Five Get into Trouble (1949)
Five Fall into Adventure (1950)
Five on a Hike Together (1951)
Five Have a Wonderful Time (1952)
Five Go Down to the Sea (1953)
Five Go to Mystery Moor (1954)
Five Have Plenty of Fun (1955)
Five on a Secret Trail (1956)
Five Go to Billycock Hill (1957)
Five Get into a Fix (1958)
Five on Finniston Farm (1960)
Five Go to Demon’s Rocks (1961)
Five Have a Mystery to Solve (1962)
Five are Together Again (1963)
Famous Five Short Stories

The Secret Seven Books
The Secret Seven (1949)
Secret Seven Adventure (1950)
Well Done Secret Seven (1951)
Secret Seven on the Trail (1952)
Go Ahead Secret Seven (1953)
Good Work Secret Seven (1954)
Secret Seven Win Through (1955)
Three Cheers Secret Seven (1956)
Secret Seven Mystery (1957)
Puzzle for the Secret Seven (1958)
Secret Seven Fireworks (1959)
Good Old Secret Seven (1960)
Shock for the Secret Seven (1961)
Look Out Secret Seven (1962)
Fun for the Secret Seven (1963)
Secret Seven Short Stories

Malory Towers Series
First Term at Malory Towers (1946)
Second Form at Malory Towers (1947)
Third Year at Malory Towers (1948)
Upper Fourth at Malory Towers (1949)
In the Fifth at Malory Towers (1950)
Last Term at Malory Towers (1951)

The Adventure Series
The Island of Adventure (1944)
The Castle of Adventure (1946)
The Valley of Adventure (1947)
The Sea of Adventure (1948)
The Mountain of Adventure (1949)
The Ship of Adventure (1950)
The Circus of Adventure (1952)
The River of Adventure (1955)

The Five Find-Outers Books
The Mystery of the Burnt Cottage (1943)
The Mystery of the Disappearing Cat (1944)
The Mystery of the Secret Room (1945)
The Mystery of the Spiteful Letters (1946)
The Mystery of the Missing Necklace (1947)
The Mystery of the Hidden House (1948)
The Mystery of the Pantomime Cat (1949)
The Mystery of the Invisible Thief (1950)
The Mystery of the Vanished Prince (1951)
The Mystery of the Strange Bundle (1952)
The Mystery of Holly Lane (1953)
The Mystery of Tally-Ho Cottage (1954)
The Mystery of the Missing Man (1956)
The Mystery of the Strange Messages (1957)
The Mystery of Banshee Towers (1961)

Wishing-Chair Series
Adventures of the Wishing-Chair (1937)
The Wishing-Chair Again (1950)
Wishing-Chair Stories

The Amelia Jane Books
Naughty Amelia Jane! (1939)
Amelia Jane Again! (1946)
More about Amelia Jane! (1954)

The Family Series
The Caravan Family (1945)
The Saucy Jane Family (1947)
The Pole Star Family (1950)
The Seaside Family (1950)
The Buttercup Farm Family (1951)
The Queen Elizabeth Family (1951)

The Farm Series
The Children of Cherry Tree Farm (1940)
The Children of Willow Farm (1942)
More Adventures on Willow Farm (1942)

The Circus Series
Mr Galliano’s Circus (1938)
Hurrah for the Circus (1939)
Circus Days Again (1942)

St. Clare’s Series
The Twins at St. Clare’s (1941)
The O’Sullivan Twins (1942)
Summer Term at St. Clare’s (1943)
The Second Form at St. Clare’s (1944)
Claudine at St. Clare’s (1944)
Fifth Formers at St. Clare’s (1945)

Mr. Twiddle Books
Hello, Mr. Twiddle! (1942)
Don’t Be Silly, Mr. Twiddle! (1949)
Well, Really, Mr. Twiddle (1953)

The Faraway Tree Series
The Enchanted Wood (1939)
The Magic Faraway Tree (1943)
The Folk of the Faraway Tree (1946)

Mister Meddle Books
Mister Meddle’s Mischief (1940)
Mister Meddle’s Muddles (1950)
Merry Mister Meddle! (1954)

The Naughtiest Girl Books
The Naughtiest Girl in the School (1940)
The Naughtiest Girl Again (1942)
The Naughtiest Girl is a Monitor (1945)

The Barney Mysteries
The Rockingdown Mystery (1949)
The Rilloby Fair Mystery (1950)
The Ring O’ Bells Mystery (1951)
The Rubadub Mystery (1952)
The Rat-a-Tat Mystery (1956)
The Ragamuffin Mystery (1959)

The Secret Series
The Secret Island (1938)
The Secret of Spiggy Holes (1940)
The Secret Mountain (1941)
The Secret of Killimooin (1943)
The Secret of Moon Castle (1953)

The Six Cousins Books
Six Cousins at Mistletoe Farm (1948)
Six Cousins Again (1950)

The Poetry Book
Child Whispers (1923)

Other Books
The Zoo Book (1926)
Enid Blyton’s Nature Lessons (1929)
Round the Year with Enid Blyton: Spring Book (1934)
Round the Year with Enid Blyton: Summer Book (1934)
Round the Year with Enid Blyton: Autumn Book (1934)
Round the Year with Enid Blyton: Winter Book (1934)
Six Enid Blyton Plays (1935)
Boys’ and Girls’ Circus Book (1939)
Three Boys and a Circus (1940)
The Treasure Hunters (1940)
The Children of Kidillin (1940)
The Adventurous Four (1941)
Shadow, the Sheep-Dog (1942)
The Land of Far-Beyond (1942)
The Secret of Cliff Castle (1943)
The Adventures of Scamp (1943)
Mischief at St. Rollo’s (1943)
Smuggler Ben (1943)
Billy and Betty at the Seaside (1944)
Enid Blyton’s Nature Lover’s Book (1944)
The Christmas Book (1944)
The Boy Next Door (1944)
The Family at Red Roofs (1945)
Hollow Tree House (1945)
The Put-Em-Rights (1946)
The Adventurous Four Again (1947)
A Night on Thunder Rock and Other Adventure Stories (1947)
House-at-the-Corner (1947)
Enid Blyton’s Treasury (1947)
The Third Holiday Book (1948)
Come to the Circus! (1948)
Those Dreadful Children (1949)
Tales of Ancient Greece (1950)
Six Bad Boys (1951)
The Sixth Holiday Book (1951)
My Second Nature Book (1952)
Snowball the Pony (1953)
The Adventure of the Secret Necklace (1954)
The Children at Green Meadows (1954)
Holiday House (1955)
Four in a Family (1956)
The Birthday Kitten (1958)
Adventure of the Strange Ruby (1960)
The Mystery That Never Was (1961)
The Four Cousins (1962)
The Boy Who Wanted a Dog (1963)
The Hidey-Hole (1964)
The Happy House Children (1966)

The Autobiography
The Story of My Life (1952)

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