John Ford – Parts Edition

$ 5.99

This is the Parts Edition of this Main Series author. A Parts Edition features the same contents of the single ePub file, but with all the novels, plays and other works divided into separate eBooks.

As well as the individual Parts, you will also receive a download link for the original single file version.

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JOHN FORD 1, The Laws of Candy
JOHN FORD 2, The Witch of Edmonton
JOHN FORD 3, The Welsh Ambassador
JOHN FORD 4, The Spanish Gypsy
JOHN FORD 5, The Sun’s Darling
JOHN FORD 6, The Fair Maid of the Inn
JOHN FORD 7, The Queen
JOHN FORD 8, The Lover’s Melancholy
JOHN FORD 9, The Broken Heart
JOHN FORD 10, ’Tis Pity She’s a Whore
JOHN FORD 11, Love’s Sacrifice
JOHN FORD 12, Perkin Warbeck
JOHN FORD 13, The Fancies Chaste and Noble
JOHN FORD 14, The Lady’s Trial
JOHN FORD 15, The Great Favourite, or the Duke of Lerma by Sir Robert Howard
JOHN FORD 16, Fame’s Memorial
JOHN FORD 17, The Monarchs Meeting
JOHN FORD 18, A Funerall Elegye
JOHN FORD 19, Christ’s Bloody Sweat
JOHN FORD 20, Shall I Die?
JOHN FORD 21, Honor Triumphant
JOHN FORD 22, The Golden Mean
JOHN FORD 23, A Line of Life
JOHN FORD 24, John Ford by Adolphus William Ward