Thomas Nashe – Parts Edition

$ 5.99

This is the Parts Edition of this Main Series author. A Parts Edition features the same contents of the single ePub file, but with all the novels, plays and other works divided into separate eBooks. As well as the individual Parts, you will also receive a download link for the original single file version.

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THOMAS NASHE 1, The Unfortunate Traveller
THOMAS NASHE 2, Summer’s Last Will and Testament
THOMAS NASHE 3, The Tragedie of Dido, Queene of Carthage
THOMAS NASHE 4, The Choise of Valentines
THOMAS NASHE 5, Other Verses
THOMAS NASHE 6, Strange Newes, of the Intercepting Certaine Letters
THOMAS NASHE 7, Christ’s Tears over Jerusalem
THOMAS NASHE 8, Have with You to Saffron-Walden
THOMAS NASHE 9, The Anatomy of Absurdity
THOMAS NASHE 10, A Countercuffe Given to Martin Junio
THOMAS NASHE 11, The Returne of Pasquill
THOMAS NASHE 12, Preface to Greene’s Menaphon
THOMAS NASHE 13, An Almond for a Parrot
THOMAS NASHE 14, The First Parte of Pasquils Apologie
THOMAS NASHE 15, A Wonderfull strange and miraculous Astrologicall Prognostication
THOMAS NASHE 16, Preface to Sir Philip Sidney’s Astrophel and Stella
THOMAS NASHE 17, Pierce Penilesse His Supplication to the Divell
THOMAS NASHE 18, The Terrors of the Night
THOMAS NASHE 19, Nashe’s Lenten Stuffe
THOMAS NASHE 20, An Essay on the Life and Writings of Thomas Nash by Edmund Gosse
THOMAS NASHE 21, Thomas Nashe by Sidney Lee



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