E. R. Eddison

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The English author E. R. Eddison wrote epic fantasy novels, including the seminal work ‘The Worm Ouroboros’ (1922) and the ‘Zimiamvian Trilogy’. His books are composed in a meticulous Jacobean prose style, supplemented throughout with poetic fragments from world classic literature, exhibiting an aristocratic sensibility. His high fantasy works drew strong praise from J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis. This eBook presents Eddison’s complete works, with numerous illustrations, rare texts and informative introductions. (Version 1)

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Look inside eBook...
Look inside eBook...


* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Eddison’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the novels and other texts
* All 5 novels, with individual contents tables
* The complete Zimiamvian Books
* Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Rare Norse Books available in no other collection
* Includes Eddison’s non-fiction, including the revealing memoir of his college friend and poet Philip Sidney Nairn
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and genres


The Zimiamvia Books
The Worm Ouroboros (1922)
Mistress of Mistresses (1935)
A Fish Dinner in Memison (1941)
The Mezentian Gate (1958)

The Norse Books
Styrbiorn the Strong (1926)
Egil’s Saga (1930)

Other Works
Poems, Letters, and Memories of Philip Sidney Nairn (1916)
Profiteering (1922)

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