Ford Madox Ford

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In recent times Ford Madox Ford has become one of the neglected figures of modernist literature, although he was a leading writer of his time, producing innovative novels, whilst promoting the works of struggling fellow writers. For the first time in publishing history, this comprehensive eBook presents the complete fictional works of Ford Madox Ford, allowing readers to enjoy masterpieces that have suffered obscurity for years. Containing all 31 novels, beautiful illustrations, informative introductions and the usual Delphi bonus material, this collection is a must for all readers interested in modernist literature. (Version 4)

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US Customers: the complete works is not available due to copyright restrictions. Please select the US version instead.

* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Ford’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the novels and other works
* Images of how the books were first printed, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts
* ALL 31 novels, with many rare works appearing for the first time in digital print
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Includes Ford’s children’s books, appearing for the first time in digital print
* Ford’s collected poetry, with individual contents table
* Even includes Ford’s first literary success – the non-fiction study of his beloved city THE SOUL OF LONDON
* Features Ford’s memoir ANCIENT LIGHTS, charting his literary beginnings in his grandfather’s Pre-Raphaelite circle
* Scholarly ordering of texts into chronological order and literary genres
* The complete memoirs – all five memoirs appearing together for the first time in publishing history
* UPDATED with ‘Ladies Whose Bright Eyes’ (1935 revised version) and ‘Zeppelin Nights’
* UPDATED with revised texts and images


Parade’s End Series

The Fifth Queen Trilogy

The Children’s Fiction
The Brown Owl (1891)
The Feather (1892)
The Queen Who Flew (1894)
The Novels
The Shifting of the Fire (1892)
The Inheritors (1901)
Romance (1904)
The Benefactor (1905)
The Fifth Queen (1906)
The Privy Seal (1907)
An English Girl (1907)
The Fifth Queen Crowned (1908)
Mr. Apollo (1908)
The ‘Half Moon’ (1909)
A Call (1910)
The Portrait (1910)
The Simple Life Limited (1911)
Ladies Whose Bright Eyes (1911)
The Panel (1912)
The New Humpty-Dumpty (1912)
Mr. Fleight (1913)
The Young Lovell (1913)
The Good Soldier (1915)
The Marsden Case (1923)
Some Do Not… (1924)
The Nature of a Crime (1924)
No More Parades (1925)
A Man Could Stand Up — (1926)
Last Post (1928)
A Little Less than Gods (1928)
No Enemy (1929)
When the Wicked Man (1931)
The Rash Act (1933)
Henry for Hugh (1934)
Ladies Whose Bright Eyes (1935, revised)
Vive Le Roy (1935)

The Poetry
The Collected Poems (1916)

Rossetti: A Critical Essay on His Art (1902)
The Soul of London (1905)
The Heart of the Country (1906)
The Spirit of the People (1907)
Zeppelin Nights (1915)
Henry James: A Critical Study (1915)
Joseph Conrad: A Personal Remembrance (1924)
New York is Not America (1927)
The English Novel from the Earliest Days to the Death of Joseph Conrad (1929)

The Memoirs
Ancient Lights and Certain New Reflections (1911)
Return to Yesterday (1932)
It Was the Nightingale (1933)
Provence (1935)
Great Trade Route (1937)


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