H. Rider Haggard

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One of the greatest adventure story writers of all time, H. Rider Haggard was a prolific novelist, whose exciting tales have entertained readers for over a hundred years.   This comprehensive eBook offers readers the complete FICTIONAL works, with all 57 novels, as well as the usual Delphi bonus texts. (Version 3)

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* concise introductions to the novels and other works
* ALL 57 novels have their own contents tables
* images of how the novels first appeared, giving your Kindle a taste of the Victorian texts
* the complete novels and short stories, including rare works often missed out of collections
* many images relating to Haggard’s life, works, places and film adaptations
* EVEN includes special ALLAN QUATERMAIN and AYESHA series contents tables
* features a selected non-fiction section, including Haggard’s very first book
* includes both volumes of Haggard’s autobiography– explore the writer’s adventurous life!
* includes the rare bonus story PRINCE: ANOTHER LION, first time in digital print
* scholarly ordering of texts in chronological order and literary genres, allowing easy navigation around Haggard’s immense oeuvre
* UPDATED with non-fiction book ‘The Last Boer War ‘ and revised texts


Allan Quatermain Series

Ayesha Series

The Umslopogaas Series

The Rise and Fall of the Zulu Nation Series

The Novels
Dawn (1884)
The Witch’s Head (1884)
King Solomon’s Mines (1885)
She (1886)
Jess (1887)
Allan Quatermain (1887)
Mr Meeson’s Will (1888)
Maiwa’s Revenge (1888)
Colonel Quaritch, V.C. (1889)
Cleopatra (1889)
Allan’s Wife (1889)
Beatrice (1890)
The World’s Desire (1890)
Eric Brighteyes (1890)
Nada the Lily (1892)
Montezuma’s Daughter (1893)
The People of the Mist (1893)
Joan Haste (1895)
Heart of the World (1895)
The Wizard (1896)
Dr Therne (1898)
Swallow (1899)
Elissa (1900)
Black Heart and White Heart (1900)
Lysbeth (1901)
Pearl-Maiden (1903)
Stella Fregelius (1904)
The Brethren (1904)
Ayesha: The Return of She (1905)
The Way of the Spirit (1906)
Benita (1906)
Fair Margaret (1907)
The Ghost Kings (1908)
The Yellow God (1908)
The Lady of Blossholme (1909)
Morning Star (1910)
Queen Sheba’s Ring (1910)
Red Eve (1911)
Marie (1912)
Child of Storm (1913)
The Wanderer’s Necklace (1914)
The Holy Flower (1915)
The Ivory Child (1916)
Finished (1917)
Love Eternal (1918)
Moon of Israel (1918)
When the World Shook (1919)
The Ancient Allan (1920)
She and Allan (1921)
The Virgin of the Sun (1922)
Wisdom’s Daughter (1923)
Heu-Heu (1924)
Queen of the Dawn (1925)
The Treasure of the Lake (1926)
Allan and the Ice Gods (1927)
Mary of Marion Isle (1929)
Belshazzar (1930)

The Shorter Fiction
Allan the Hunter (1890)
Allan’s Wife and Other Tales (1899)
The Mahatma and the Hare (1911)
Smith and the Pharaohs and Other Tales (1913)

The Non-Fiction
Cetywayo and His White Neighbors (1882)
The Last Boer War (1899)
A Winter Pilgrimage (1901)

The Autobiography
The Days of My Life (1926)

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