Jules Verne

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Jules Verne is a paramount literary figure, whose pioneering works have entertained readers for over a hundred years, laying the foundations of modern science fiction. Verne’s influence extends far beyond the realms of literature into the world of science and technology, where he inspired generations of scientists, inventors and explorers. This eBook offers the most complete collection ever compiled of Verne’s work in English translation, with numerous illustrations, rare novels and informative introductions. (Version 4)

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* Beautifully illustrated with images relating to Verne’s life and works
* Concise introductions to the novels and other texts
* 50 novels in English translation, with individual contents tables
* French texts available for the 13 novels that cannot appear in English
* Rare novels appearing for the first time in digital publishing
* Images of how the books were first published, giving your eReader a taste of the original texts
* Excellent formatting of the texts
* Famous works are fully illustrated with their original artwork
* Rare short stories
* Includes Verne’s non-fiction masterpiece ‘Celebrated Travels and Travellers’
* Ordering of texts into chronological order and genres
* UPDATED with revised texts, numerous illustrations and three rare translations: ‘The Castaways of the Flag’; ‘The Lighthouse at the End of the World’; ‘The Chase of the Golden Meteor’

Please note: sadly, a complete works of Verne in English is not possible due to copyright restrictions. To compensate for the 13 novels not available, the original French texts have been provided in their place (see the titles given in French below). As soon as new translations enter the public domain, they will be added to the eBook as a free update.


The Novels
Five Weeks in a Balloon
A Journey to the Centre of the Earth
From the Earth to the Moon
The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
The Children of Captain Grant
Around the Moon
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
A Floating City
The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in South Africa
The Fur Country
Around the World in Eighty Days
The Mysterious Island
The Survivors of the Chancellor
Michael Strogoff
Off on a Comet
The Underground City
Dick Sand: A Captain at Fifteen
The Begum’s Fortune
Tribulations of a Chinaman in China
The Steam House
Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon
The Green Ray
Godfrey Morgan
Kéraban the Inflexible
The Archipelago on Fire
The Star of the South
Mathias Sandorf
Robur the Conqueror
The Lottery Ticket
The Flight to France
The Waif of the “Cynthia”
North against South
Two Years Holiday
The Purchase of the North Pole
Family without a Name
César Cascabel
Mistress Branican
The Carpathian Castle
Claudius Bombarnac
Foundling Mick
The Wonderful Adventures of Captain Antifer
The Floating Island
Facing the Flag
Clovis Dardentor
An Antarctic Mystery
Le Superbe Orénoque
The Will of an Eccentric
The Castaways of the Flag
Le Village aérien
Les Histoires de Jean-Marie Cabidoulin
Les Frères Kip
Bourses de voyage
Master of the World
Un Drame en Livonie
L’Invasion de la mer
The Lighthouse at the End of the World
Le Volcan d’or
L’Agence Thompson and Co
The Chase of the Golden Meteor
Le Pilote du Danube
Les Naufragés du “Jonathan”
Le Secret de Wilhelm Storitz
L’Etonnante aventure de la mission Barsac

The Shorter Fiction
Martin Paz
The Blockade Runners
Dr. Ox and Other Stories
Hier et demain
A Drama in Mexico
The Mutineers of the Bounty
In the Year 2889
An Express of the Future

The Non-Fiction
Celebrated Travels and Travellers

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